Scottish Clan Tours

Private Bespoke Tour from Arrochar,  Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness.




Personal Driver Guide

Discover Highland life of the past and present.

1 to 2 day tours

8 to 10 hours

Bespoke Scottish Heritage Tours

Many of us have Scottish ancestors and many are curious about the rich history of Scottish Kings and Clansmen. We can help you plan and arrange a bespoke tour for your very own journey through Scotland. If you are a Macfarlane or Sept of Macfarlane clan then we certainly know where to take you. Visit the Clan Macfarlane’ ancient lands situated at the top of Loch Long in Arrochar, take a speedboat tour exploring the Clan Macfarlane Islands on the northern end of Loch Lomond. 

Scotland has many Clan names and those that can be found in the Loch Lomond area are the Macfarlanes, Macgregors, Maclarens, Macnabs , Napiers, Buchanans, Grahams, Macnaughtons, Macarthurs & others. Get in touch and plan your bespoke Scottish Clan Tour now and make the most of your time in Scotland.

If you are leaving form Inverness, then the Fraser Clan is a must. With inspirations used in the popular tv series Outlander, the Fraser clan is now known across the world. Discover thier true clan lands and tales of the past.

Visit places off the normal track and sites of significance to you and your heritage. 

Through our relationships with many guides across the country, we know we can make any Scottish Clan tour a memorable one. If its Macfarlane Clan History, we certainly have you covered. 

Driver Guides can pick up in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness to begin your journey across Scotland. We will help you plan the best use of your time and days needed.

Macfarlane Clan Tours depart from Arrochar, Loch Lomond.

Clan Tours can depart from Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness.

We will help you build your itinerary, if its discovering people from your family heritage, your family surname or Clan. 

The benefit of a private tour is we can go where you need to in order to get the best discoveries.